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What is Lifestyle Medicine?

Lifestyle Medicine is a method of healthcare that focuses upon the needs of the individual and recognises that there are many physical and mental health conditions that can be improved and alleviated by changing to healthier patterns of lifestyle.

There is an increasing awareness of how  effective lifestyle management can alter the course of chronic disease and in some cases, prevent the need for medication or facilitate disease reversal. 

Diet is an important factor within the practice of lifestyle medicine but there are other aspects of someone's life that may also  benefit from change, such as:

  • Exercise and movement

  • Sleep pattern

  • Use of tobacco and/or alcohol

  • Relationships and participation in community

  • Work and purposeful living

  • Environment and access to natural light and nature

  • Patterns of thinking and entrenched behaviours

  • Appropriate methods of stress management

  • Access to social, emotional and spiritual fulfillment.  

Specialist in Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine

Further information about some of the organisations which are promoting the more widespread use of lifestyle medicine in the UK can be found below :-


British Society of Lifestyle Medicine (Member)

College of Medicine and Integrated Health

Public Health Collaboration

Inspired Medics

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