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Testimonials for Lucy Swain, Specialist in Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine

"The most positive aspect of Lucy's service was to now feel so much better in myself by eating the right foods. I am so amazed how food can change your health, both mentally and physically. I feel more comfortable around food and do not get hungry anymore. The best thing is that I am not on a diet, just a healthy change to the the way and what I eat. I cannot see how you can improve Lucy's service, I found her very understanding to my needs. Her explanations and help were very easy to follow. I have been feeling so much better - more positive and more comfortable around food. My motivation is so much better and I feel like me again. I am no longer hungry. Food really is the route to a better, healthier me!"

MH, East Yorkshire

"I was recommended to see Lucy by a colleague at work. At the time I was struggling with overweight, tiredness and sinusitis. On the first consultation Lucy looked at my current diet and its impact on my health. the way Lucy explained information was very easy to understand (I am not English native). I am entirely grateful to Lucy for all she has done. I got back my health (I have also lost 13.2 pounds so far), I no longer feel tired or have headaches and I managed to take control over my sinusitis. Also mine and my families diet ( I have two young children) have changed  unrecognisably and I have to thank Lucy for all this. All my friends and colleagues have noticed the changes "

"I wanted to say 'thank you' from the bottom of my heart, as what you have helped me accomplish is unbelievable. I'm now a completely different person (or to be honest I'm the person that I used to be 10-15 years ago). The changes that you have showed me made a huge impact on mine and my family's life, so I don't thing that I will ever stop being grateful to you for allowing me to have this opportunity to change my life"

VS, E. Yorks

" Your diet works wonders for me and I can honestly say it changed my life for the better! I managed to lose some weight (7kg) and I didn't even start exercising yet. I feel so much healthier and energised, I don't need to take a nap in the day as I used to do. I stopped eating sugary products, and at this point I stopped having cravings for sweets and chocolate, even on my period. I eat fruits after every meal and stopped feeling tired and heavy afterwards. I don't feel like snacking before bed because I am not hungry anymore. For the first time in my life I am not obsessing over food. I stopped eating for comfort and huge cravings that once had me eating mountains of junk food are gone! It's so amazing! I'm not counting points ....... I just live my life free of constantly thinking about food or being afraid of it. I still enjoy it though. Healthy food is so delicious and the sugar from fruits is just enough for me now. No more putting my poor body under the stress by putting over sugary junk into it.

I'm so glad I came across your clinic. I can't thank you enough Lucy! I finally know what to eat to stay healthy."

IU, Hull

" I came to Lucy when I was unable to stablise my thyroid condition. I've been suffering with hypothyroidism for approximately 12 years and the last couple of years have been the hardest, with side effects of up to 50% hair loss, sleepless nights, fatigue, brain fog and being easily irritable. Having teenage children and trying to hold a job down..... I felt despair and called Lucy for advice. To my surprise she answered the phone straight away and listened to everything I had to say. She ran some tests and recommended a change in diet. I learned that certain foods can be triggers and certain foods can help my condition. I applied these straight away and will never look back. Since seeing Lucy, I have been able to reduce my medication from 125mcg to 75mcg, my hair is starting to grow back...I'm having 7-8 hours sleep and feeling refreshed upon waking.....and I can now cope with normal day to day living. Lucy clearly explains in great depth your condition and how to make positive changes and eliminations and the reasons why. She will back this up with literature for you to take away so you can fully understand and review everything you have been covering in the appointment. The benefits are immense...firstly you understand your condition in depth, then you understand why you must make changes within your diet. I personally have been able to reduce my medication. My hair, which was falling out at a rapid rate has now slowed down and re-growth has begun. So I am delighted with the outcome. Please do not hesitate to contact Lucy, she has worked wonders for me and I thank her wholeheartedly for her advice and support

JB, Lincs.

" After completing an in-depth health questionnaire and food diary, I was impressed that Lucy had spent time before my appointment working through my answers and drafting personalised nutritional information and a dietary plan. My first appointment lasted an hour and I came away with information to make a start at changing my diet. I followed with a further 3 appointments, of a shorter duration. Overall, I believe that Lucy really knows her subject and was able to supply me with the necessary information to help me reduce my symptoms. Although it has not completely cured my reflux ( which I did not expect) it has helped me to control the condition and eat foods which help rather than hamper my health. I have also lost weight, without actually dieting, by just changing the foods I consume. As this condition runs through my family, I felt contacting Lucy has given me more understanding of the condition and eased the anxieties I was experiencing about it. I was not disappointed about the service I received. I would certainly recommend Lucy Swain for anything concerning nutrition and would not hesitate to contact her again in the future for further appointments as and when needed."

NB, E Yorkshire

"I had suffered with 'IBS' for over 20 years and wasn't getting much support from the doctors, so after I don't know how many relapses, my husband found Lucy, and I have never looked back. Lucy's support, help and advice has been invaluable. Lucy listens to you and her knowledge about the body and how it works is just unbelievable.  I now know what I can and can't eat and I am now able to live a normal life and it's just amazing. Lucy is just fabulous. She continues to support and advise me. I can email her for advice and have one-to-one consultations to keep on top of my symptoms."

SL, E Yorkshire

"After gaining an unhealthy amount of weight I felt it was time for me to seek advice from a Nutritional Therapist. I contacted Lucy at the Spire Hospital and after filling in a detailed questionnaire about my overall health I made my appointment. After many years of suffering with, at times  debilitating headaches, Lucy recommended I have blood tests for certain deficiencies such as iron and vitamin D. Lucy helped me get a perspective on what my plate should look like when I have a meal. It was a  few simple tweaks, for example  I wasn't eating enough veg and there were other things we agreed that I needed to cut out of my diet.

Lucy was very non judgmental in her manner, her recommendations were  uncomplicated and manageable. So to date (my appointment was 4 weeks ago) I have now lost half a stone and the fortnightly headaches have disappeared. I haven't had to take any migraine medication in this time. I am very grateful for the advice, the change in my overall well-being is  a welcome feeling. I have more weight to lose and it's coming off healthily and steadily by following a few simple uncomplicated tweaks.
Thank you Lucy"

AG, E.Yorkshire

"Lucy was always professional but friendly and really cheerful. She listened and seemed to take a lot on board, and acknowledged the difficulties I had but never made me feel stupid. My history wasn't straightforward.......but she took the time to wade through it all, and still came up with suggestions. She really knew her stuff and explained everything really well, from what I was lacking in my diet, and how that could impact me health, to what I could introduce or change to improve things. (She) did it in a way that made it easy to get my head around, and far less complicated than I expected, putting me at ease. Even though I had foods I couldn't eat for many reasons, she always came up with an alternative. 

She made lots of recommendations, but didn't make me feel pressured into having to do them. She sent loads of extra information, which i didn't expect for the price - it was much more affordable than I expected. There were loads of recipe ideas too, and links to different sites she thought I might find useful. Thanks to the way she explained things, I do have more understanding, which has given me a little confidence and try new recipes and foods that I've never even heard of, let alone what food group they belong to - and some are very tasty.

It's a work in progress, but definitely pleased I decided to go - and pleased she agreed to help even though the history wasn't straightforward. Some of the symptoms are easing, which is brilliant, and hopefully that will continue. Overall, I can't knock it. I was really nervous, right up to the first appointment and had no idea what to expect but it was brilliant - 2 short appointments has made a difference."

AR, Hull

"Lucy was very kind and helpful. I felt she supported me with the advice she gave me. I completed a health questionnaire and a food diary, after which Lucy gave me a booklet to take home which was explained to me during my consultation, and was very helpful. I made the changes to my diet and things improved quickly for me. Thank you Lucy. You were very professional, approachable and I feel I have a better understanding of my health problems after your help.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lucy to anyone who needs help."

SW, Beverley

"I rang Lucy after a Google search because I was at the point of desperation. After more than 20 years of constant bowel problems, countless doctor and hospital appointments, Lucy was my last hope. Lucy listened to my story with empathy and tailored her consultation and advice according to my needs. Dietary changes never previously suggested by any other healthcare professional have dramatically improved my quality of life. I am now able to leave the house without the worry of needing a toilet urgently, my mental health is also improved and most importantly, I am able to enjoy time with my family. Lucy has always been there to listen to me as I rode the roller-coaster of my new diet but without her I'm not sure where I would be. Lucy tailored her consultation, tests and recommendations based on my individual needs, meaning my condition began to improve very quickly based on her advice. Huge thanks go to Lucy for her understanding, empathy and professionalism......a first class service."

IP, Hull

“I contacted Lucy following a long period of early afternoon slumps. The slumps were fairly dramatic and sometimes necessitated me lying down for a short (and sometimes longer) nap. I was struggling with my weight, sleeping terribly and felt sluggish and bloated.

I started with a questionnaire and online consultation and then had my first consultation. I was asked to complete a food diary and being a vegan expected that I was already eating healthily. 

Following the consultation I realised that even vegans can eat unhealthily. I changed my diet to decrease my lifelong addiction with bread, cut out processed foods and took much more notice of what I am eating. I began to eat more legumes and slowly over time focused on my protein intake.

The impact was almost instantaneous. The early afternoon slumps stopped (and haven't returned) and my sleep pattern improved. Again, this change has been sustained. Over time my psoriasis has improved also. My focus for the next few months will be on intermittent fasting as an aid to achieve sustained weight loss. I have tried this in the past but the guidance from Lucy has been invaluable. I would recommend anyone to seek help and Lucy does that in a very supportive and encouraging way that I have found brilliant for me.”

MB, W. Yorkshire

"I’ve held back from messaging as I didn’t want to tempt fate but I just wanted to let you know you have literally changed my life!!!! You will probably remember I came to you because since I suffered from chronic fatigue 4 years ago I haven’t been able to go for longer than 3 hours without eating and I was really struggling to manage my weight. I would literally feel like I was about to faint to the point I couldn’t hold my head up. 
I started following your advice properly 4 weeks ago and I cannot believe the difference. All my tummy symptoms have gone, I never crave sugar and I never really feel hungry. I’m also sleeping so much better. 

Thank you! You were amazing I got so much out of the appointment and everything made so much sense!! Thank you for dealing with my tears too and remaining professional."

SS, E.Yorkshire

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