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It is well known that that the current dietary and lifestyle habits for a large proportion of the British population are detrimental to health, and are likely to have contributed to an increase in the incidence of obesity, cardiovascular disease and Type II diabetes in recent years. Although this knowledge is widespread, many people find that they do not know how to change their own diet and lifestyle in order to bring about improvement in their health. Sometimes, the information given in the media about how we should eat healthily is confusing or conflicting, which adds to the uncertainty about how to change . Other people feel that they don't have the time or skill to prepare foods differently and so continue in the same habitual patterns.

Seeking help from a Registered Nutritional Therapist, who can analyse your current diet and lifestyle patterns in conjunction with your requirements, abilities and constraints, can enable you to make changes that are specific to your needs. Step-by-step changes can be made at a pace that suits you and that enables you to make longer-lasting differences to your lifestyle, and ultimately to your health.


The best way to achieve optimum health is through a healthy and balanced diet, and unnecessary reliance on nutritional supplements in order to maintain adequate nutrient intake is undesirable. Therefore, all patients will be offered a 'Food First' approach, whereby they are encouraged to alter their diet accordingly in order to ensure the best provision of nutrients.

There are occasions, however,  where it may be beneficial to provide nutritional supplements if research supports their use, and especially where testing has revealed a nutrient deficiency. In these cases, the short-term use of supplements may bring about change more quickly than the use of dietary changes alone, in the same way that a course of medication from your doctor may expedite recovery. Supplements may also be advised for patients who have reduced capacity to absorb nutrients, such as those with gastrointestinal disease.

Supplements will only be advised at your consultation if there is good reason to support their use, and if you are happy to include them as part of your programme. 


For some health conditions, additional testing may be helpful in order to determine or eliminate the likely causes of symptoms. Some of these tests can be arranged by your GP or can be carried out at the Spire hospital. Tests will only be recommended if there is seen to be a need for further information, and attending for a consultation does not put you under any obligation to complete tests if you would prefer not to. Generally speaking, patients who are able to complete recommended tests often make faster progress, because any nutrient deficiencies or imbalances can be identified more quickly this way. For those, who would prefer not to undertake any further tests, it is sometimes possible to reveal some underlying causes  of ill health by progressive dietary changes and through a 'process of elimination', although this is often a longer process and requires a degree of commitment on behalf of the patient.


Tests that cannot be accessed via your G.P are carried out by reputable specialist laboratories which carry Clinical Pathology Accreditation.




Nutritional Therapy can be effective at bringing about change for many people with a variety of different health conditions, but there will always be some people for whom it does not bring about the improvement that they hoped for. There may be many reasons for this, and it may be necessary to refer you back to your doctor for further investigation of symptoms that may require medical attention. Alternatively, you may benefit from the expertise of an alternative health professional, such as a physiotherapist,  chiropractor or psychologist for example. If this becomes necessary, the options available to you will be discussed at your consultation and you will be asked to give your consent if an onward referral is seen to be necessary.

Skype consultations are available for clients if they are seen to be appropriate for your health needs. For more information about whether this type of consultation is suitable for you, please make an enquiry.

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